Shah-i-Hamdan Institute of Islamic studies was established in 1988. The Institute Offers PG, M. Phil., Ph. D. and Integrated M. Phil-Ph. D. programmes to the aspirants of higher education. The Institute has produced maximum number of NET/SET/JRF/SRF in the school of Social Sciences in the University. The Institute publishes one academic and research journal Insight Islamicus, the articles of which are internationally indexed in Index Islamicus, London, UK. The Institute besides encouraging the critical, objective and analytical thinking aims to promote human values of high ethical significance and contemporary relevance like; Composite Culture, Communal Harmony, Tolerance, Impartiality, Co-existence and pluralistic outlook of the society. The institutional library besides housing about 10,000 books has a repository of about 30 copies of manuscripts authored by a renowned sufi, scholar, reformer and thinker Sayyid ‘Ali Hamadani (RA). The department has a Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) in place. Tasawwuf (Sufism), Comparative study of Religions, Ethics, Gender Studies, Social Sciences, Religious Sciences, Study of Various Cultures and Civilizations, Thinkers, Trends and Movements, Area Studies are some of the components of our curriculum. Let us make excellence the mantra and resolve to work relentlessly to make our Institute really a centre of academic excellence.

Prof. G.N. Khaki
Head Of Department